Willow Urban Retreat

There was a lot of excitement around the opening of this little gem. I watched in anticipation through social media seeing how the business was building ready for opening! I loved the concept, a city Urban retreat where you can eat, exercise, relax and receive specialised treatments.

My first visit was for a rebound class and lunch and both were fantastic. I loved the class and would recommend to everyone.... my friend was laughing as she said I was smiling the whole time, bouncing around on the mini trampoline. The food was delicious and did not disappoint. I could eat the food everyday!

My second most recent visit was for a bit more of a lengthier session. I booked in for a Hatha yoga session which was led by  Sian Pascale and was very lucky to be only one of two attendees so I felt very special. I normally do Yoga once a week but hadn't for a while so Sian certainly helped me back on track. The space for the exercise classes is light, relaxing and you wouldn't think you were in the middle of Armadale's shopping strip.

Following this I had a beautiful 'Blissful Marma Point Massage which is a Subtle Energies treatment (as you know, one of my favourite spa brands). This treatment was carried out by the incredibly knowledgeable Ayurvedic Practitioner Mairead McCorry. The treatment was phenomenal and I fell that she really cared and looked after me throughout from start to finish. I would also love to go back and delve in to the Ayurveda side of things a little more. finishing with a relaxing tea in the lounge I then had lunch.... I had the salmon with greens which is what I had last time, it was just so good!




There is a real feeling of team bonding here and you feel like you could be in your own home in some ways. A real casual relaxed and elegant environment that I would be happy to be spend my days in.