The Lakehouse

I was introduced to the Lakehouse 7 years ago as they are ELEMIS stockists. I was immeditaely  blown away by this beautiful hotel and spa situated in Daylesford, Victoria. I distinctly remember driving along the country roads and feeling like I was back home in Northumberland England. 

It was about 3 or so years later that I bid at an auction to have a weekend away. I won!! I decided to treat my husband to a weekend away and wanted to do everything; Spa treatments, dine at the chefs hat restaurant, the brain child of Chef and owner Alla Wolf-Tasker, and also visit their cafe at Wombat Hill too. I can't fault them.... treatments were decadent, the staff calm and almost dream like. The food is locally sourced and fresh. Sometimes when you choose the tasting menu at restaurants I find they can be too rich and a little overwhelming but the menu here was seamless and I didn't feel that way at all. Just perfectly satisfied and happy. The rooms were cosy and contemporary and I love seeing owner Alan Wolf Takers artwork throughout the property. This family ran operation is a destination all in itself.

As Daylesford is well known for their springs I recommend having the spring private bathing prior to treatment. 

Lakehouse tree houses

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