Join the Pink Flamingo Journey

What is the Pink Flamingo journey?

To me, being a PINK Flamingo is Standing Tall. Being Confident. Being YOU. Not just a little bit of you either...not a baby pink flamingo. I mean a radiantshining Hot PINK Flamingo where you are bursting with happiness. Discover what shade of PINK Flamingo you are in the different dimensions of your life and see where you can make incredible changes! Better still joint the PINK Flamingo journey and brightest you can be. 

Are you feeling stuck in the mud and would like to make some changes? Maybe you are feeling like you are not fulfilling your full potential and are trying to figure out what that looks like.

                                                                                                                               Do you want to feel Healthier, Happier, more in control of your finances and career. In the PINK Flamingo programme, I can help you CLEANSE what isn't serving you, DISCOVER your key strengths and behaviours and finally CREATE a clear VISION for your life and path to get there. 

What does the program Include?

Life Spring Clean
Wellness check in
Life check in
Habit overhaul
Discover your key strengths
Discover your behavioural profile
Vision build and goals
You will be coached one 2 one by Katie so that you can really dive deep in to your life and your dreams and graduate feeling more Confident, Self Aware and Clear about here you are going in your life.