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Learn how to implement 7 Simple Steps that lead to a Healthier Happier YOU!

Are You Ready To Finally Create a Life of Health and Happiness? 

Take The Second Step In Your Journey To Success With Wellness Expert And Author of ‘7 Simple Steps To A Healthier, Happier YOU’, Katie Lowndes (that’s me!). 

Are you ready to take your life from OK to Amazing with concrete, actionable steps and create the life you’ve always wanted? 

To me, being Health and Happy is the foundation of a fulfilled life. Creating Healthy Daily Habits and making life as easy as possible is the key to fulfilment. 

Not just feeling you are living groundhog day and living a daily grind of life. 

In this 7 Step Journey you will look deep in to yourself and over the weeks implement each step so that you spring Clean Your Life and get Ready for Success and abundance in your Health and Happiness. 

As an experienced guide (who’s been where you are now), I’ll teach you the steps to achieving fulfilment and joy in your health and happiness.

Steps Include: 

Life Changing Step #1: Clean

Discover how to organise yourself and your home and declutter life of anything that is a burden to you. 

Life Changing Step #2: Monkey Mind 

Learn how to work with and recognise your Monkey Mind….you know the voice in your head that can make you feel anxious, stressed, depressed or not worthy.

Life Changing Step #3: Food  

Master planning, preparation and how to shop so that you can enjoy cooking and eat healthy tasty meals consistently so that you don’t have to keep trying new diets. Avoid the YoYo! 

Life Changing Step #4: Exercise 

Develop a health exercise plan that helps you look and feel great, is easy to do and fits in with your schedule (even with a hectic work life). 

Life Changing Step #5: Beauty 

finally understand the daily weekly routines that help you maintain a healthy skin and body. Find out where to go, who to talk to and what to buy. 

Life Changing Step #6: Wellness 

transform your overall wellness in body and mind by doing a top to toe check and discover some simple things you can do to optimise feeling great and minimising things like stress. 

Life Changing Step #7: Vision 

become ‘the best you’ by having a clear vision of where you want to go and who you want to be in life. Without a vision you can find yourself going in circles.

How much is it?

Easy - 7 weeks , 7 steps at $7 a week. $49 total

Benefits of the course

  • Tidier mind, home & work space
  • Better quality of diet and take away stress of planning and shopping
  • An exercise regime that fits in with you
  • Better Sleep
  • Less stress
  • An all over wellness check from Top to Toe - like a Spring Clean
  • A clear vision of where you want to be in your life
  • A true understanding of your face, skin and body and what regimen suits you and your life
  • Lot's of new tips and tricks to use everyday





"A simple, down to earth, look at how we can maximise our health, happiness and wellbeing in this crazy world." 

"Thank you Katie for reminding me of the steps I need to take in my life to be the best me for my family and myself. I knew them but had put them aside. You've re-awoken and inspired me to get back on track." - 


"I love the way Katie has collated lots of good advice in one concise place, she has inspired me to definitely get some massage booked! Katie has a lovely light touch, showing humour and honesty" - Anne-Marie


"7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Happier YOU’ is a delightful and informative read. Katie guides and shares through real life stories that are so easy to relate to. I’ll be referring back to my copy when I feel like I need a life lift! Thank you Katie. - Janni


"I love how simple, clear and easy this book is to read – I love it!!!" - Claire


"I love your book Katie! You’ve done such a great job on simplifying it and keeping it quite light-hearted" - Jacqui


"A fab little book about wellbeing. Its super accessible and you can dip in and out of sections depending on your current needs. In love the quirky poems and illustrations as it makes Katie a real and relatable person." - Lucy