How PINK is your Flamingo?


Thank you for completing the online quiz, Katie will be running through your answers and will email you within 48 hours with your personal results. To give you a bit of an insight let's look at our three flamingos. 


A Baby Pink Flamingo in a particular area of your life shows that this is a key area of focus for you for growth and change.


A Rose Flamingo in an area of your life demonstrates that things are OK but there is certainly room for improvement. 


A HOT Pink Flamingo in an area of your life shows that things are going really well. It's an area that could be looked at for improvement but there may be some other areas of your life that are a priority. 

To run through your unique PINKNESS arrange for your complimentary call with Katie. 

Are you feeling stuck in the mud and would like to make some changes? Maybe you are feeling like you are not fulfilling your true potential and are trying to figure out what that looks like. Do you want to feel Healthier, Happier, more in control of your finances and career.

Join the PINK Flamingo program. In this 3 month journey you will;

1. CLEANSE what isn't serving you.

2. DISCOVER your key strengths & behaviour profile

3. CREATE a clear VISION for your life, curating the path to get there.

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