Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

A few years ago I was Chair and Board Director of the Australasian Spa Association and after one of our competition judges couldn't make it to judge the final of Retreat of the year, I was called in!!! lucky for me!!!! I promise this was not my doing, but actually, I really needed it at this point so it was perfect timing. Gwinganna was the first of my visits before I headed to their competitor in the final. All up I had 6 days away, 3 in each destination. Their competitor (the runner up in the final) was also fantastic but unfortunately is no more so won't be appearing on the site.

You are probably wondering what I mean by NEEDED it.... well its a good question. Why should people go to a retreat? In reality people end up at a retreat when they feel burnt out, stressed or sick. Ideally you would go to a retreat before you get to that stage but it is not as simple as that is it? I think the takeaway is that people may find that after visiting they won't let themselves get to that stage again.

Gwinganna will always have a place in my heart now. When I think of it, I remember waking up with energy at 5 am and doing qi gong on the top of the hill looking out over the beautiful green views. I think of the little Wallabies outside my bedroom  door playing and minding their own business. I feel a sense of peace, calm and healing as they embrace you on arrival and throughout your stay.   They follow the Circadian rhythms of life which meant lots of activity in the morning (including educational seminars) and then in the afternoon a time to reflect and relax and use the beautiful facilities and spa. 


They have a smorgasbord of treatments and offerings from massage and counselling to coaching and equine therapies. The food was also delicious, thoughtfully planned out and executed to perfection.

Its been a few years now since I had my experience but the fact that I can distinctly remember and feel so much about this experience tells you the affect it has on people. If you need a change, need help or guidance, feel burnt out or simply want to re energise and have a break away I urge you to visit Gwinganna. No wonder it wins awards. Not just in Australia but globally. 


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