Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic

I have known Belinda for a few years and was very excited when I saw her launch her blog the Natural Beauty Expert and even more excited when she opened her Skin Clinic.

After moving back to Australia I realised that I had left it way too long to have a facial and was looking to try something new, Belinda was the first choice on my list. I wanted to visit Belinda as I like the idea that every part of the facial was bespoke and she would use whatever skincare and technology that she thinks I might need once she has completed a consultation and had a good look at my skin. I had the BEST FACIAL MASSAGE that I  have ever received.


I left with glowing skin and was melting to the floor so highly recommend her tailor made facials using carefully selected products (she added in a little micro current to give me a lift).

You can book an appointment hereand hear more about her thoughts on natural and organic skincare in an interview with me.