Self Love


Maybe you aren't particularly stressed or anxious but you just want to chill out, take some time for you, or for you and your partner! Here are some goodies to help you share the love.

Aroma Diffuser Humidifier - Pink Katies Beauty Kitchen Sold Out
LOVE Rose Kit Subtle Energies $65.00
Beeswax Candles. - 3 Tea-lights 3 Light Bubbles Northern Light $33.00
Love Therapy Balm I AM SCENTERED $29.95
Palo Santo Clear Quartz Bundle Katies Beauty Kitchen $20.00
Rose Quartz Facial Roller Katies Beauty Kitchen $59.00
Tranquility Bath Soak 400gm Subtle Energies $40.00
Relax Body Mist 125ml Subtle Energies $39.00
Relax Body Blend 100ml Subtle Energies $62.00
Pitta (Calming) Blend 50ml Subtle Energies $68.00