Benefits of carry on luggage
Packing carry on can be such a time saver! Here are my top tips on what tp pack to make the most out of it:
  1. Pay a little more money and get a fantastic carry on case that is light, sturdy and spacious. After much research I found that Samsonite offer the best. The DLX range has pockets for your laptop, a suit carrier and loads of space.

  2. Buy travel size cosmetics and place in the clear plastic bag in your handbag. This makes it easier to navigate through security without having to open your case.

  3. Keep the plastic bag so you can pre prepare at home in future.

  4. Make Up – go for minimal and you can buy travel size make up brushes. Decent make up brushes will last a life -time if you look after them. Also, don’t go for a liquid foundation as this will take up precious plastic bag space!!! Try mineral powders.

  5. Go for a mini perfume

  6. Noise cancelling headphones are a must for flights! The big over ear ones take up too much space. The BOSE inner ear noise cancelling ones are fantastic, compact and you can use on a daily basis for phone calls.

  7. Go for clothes that don’t really need ironing

  8. Roll clothes

  9. Try and pack smart comfy flats over heals as they take less space and are easier to walk in when rushing around. If you need heels, try and just go for one pair that matches all of your outfits.

  10. Buy travel toothpaste and deodorant after you have been through security, as this will leave more space in your plastic bag for you prized cosmetics.

  11. Invest in one universal charger that works in every country –  they are a godsend.