Muscle aches and massage are something I am very passionate about.

A - Because I used to do 10 full body massages a day when I worked on Cruise ships many moons ago, therefore have seen A LOT of tense muscles.

B - I have taught A LOT of people how to massage and the benefits of the right oils and their therapeutic use.

C - I have suffered from them and know personally that when they go untreated they can cause even more problems. It may start as a slight twinge in the neck or shoulder but then this can turn in to headaches, tingling down the arms or spread  down the back. I suffer from it up the next and in to to the jaw if I let it go.... so make sure you get on top of it.

When a muscle is sore it generally shortens, tightens and blood & Lymph flow is restricted. To ease it we need to; 

1. Increase blood and lymph flow

2. Relax and lengthen the muscle

3. Flush out the muscle by- product Lactic Acid which may have stored in the area which can feel 'BURNY'.

So think MASSAGE, warm baths and soaks and then an application or oil. The oil should have an active base and contain pure essential oils otherwise it probably just smells nice and isn't going anything.

I delighted to stock the perfect oil to help you on your way! Introducing the Muscle Ease oil by Subtle Energies. 

This combination of strengthening and rejuvenating essential oils combined with the fortifying base oils is great for deep tissue massage. It is also wonderful as a detoxifying massage for anyone experiencing congestion, especially in the feet and legs and can be used liberally all over the body to keep warm and well during the winter blues.

Key Ingredients are

  • Kunzea
  • Clove
  • Ashwagandha

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