Do you know your DISC behaviour type and how it can be affected in a Pandemic?

I want you to think of yourself as a cake made of four ingredients. We are all cakes and have a different mix of these ingredients.... some more Sugar, Egg, Milk or flour. 🧁⠀

When in life changing moments or times of stress our dominant behaviour type (ingredient) can be heightened.⠀

It's also worth noting that this is happening to everyone around you in a Pandemic. We are all a little 'heightened'. Some behaviour types are opposite to each other which can mean there are little irritatiions or clashes. This could be affecting your relationships with family, friends or colleagues. Something that seemed small before could be MASSIVE now!⠀⠀

So it's important to recognise your behaviour type, and others and be GENTLE with each other. 🥰⠀

D's - you may be a little more snappy, decisive and loud at the moment, feeling more irritated. You could probably manage this whole pandemic better yourself?⠀

I's - life is always a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions, now you are on the biggest of your life! one day you are chaining the world and then next you are in the pits of dispair!⠀

S's - you hate change so this is not good. Suddenly you are working at home, maybe home schooling and you aren't sure what's going to happen s this can be very uncomfortable. You may be withdrawing a little. Thats ok - take some time and space.⠀

C's - I know you love to read, analyse and know what's going on. You also like to be organised. It will be hard to be organised at the moment, maybe your desk at home isn't how you want it. Are you falling down the rabbit hole of reading too much about the Pandemic?⠀

To all the behaviour types, please be kind to yourself, recognise your behaviour and try and learn to see when you may not be helping it. It's ok to cry, to sit, to have time out. Please don't beat yourself up.....or others! We are all going through it together 🥰


Katie xx

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