Benefits of  Massage

I first started training in massage when I was 16. I decided to drop my science A-Level (I was only studying it for the human biology side) and take up a massage diploma at the local college. I fell in love with it…. completely. This became a spring board in to my career as I then studied further Diplomas in Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Theatrical and Media Make Up and then finally studying a Higher National Diploma in Beauty and Related Sciences.

I was ok at school, above average but not an academia. I think I took to beauty because I am someone who loves to be ‘doing something’ and I like helping and being with people. Beauty had a great blend of practical and theory which kept my mind stimulated. Stick me in a room or office all day where I can’t move simply gives me shivers!!!

Massage to me is the one thing that I could not give up paying for. I can wax myself, paint my nails, do a facial, even tint my eyelashes, but massage is the one thing that has so many benefits and even though and can do an element of it myself it is simply not the same. A regular massage has so many benefits for your overall health I really think that people should fit this in to their lifestyle on a regular basis. It helps relax short and tight muscles, increase circulation and the lymphatic system. Relaxes and calms the mind which is under so much pressure these days. We live longer, work longer, are checked in longer, we have a drive and determination and a vision that we can do and be anything….. and that is exhausting!!

Massage takes you away from that for that blissed out one hour. When was the last time you had a massage?

They use massage and reflexology in hospitals to help patients and there is now special training for using massage when working with Cancer patients. There is something about touch that is so important…that transfer of energy from one to another. The body holds so much more than you think. We can be tense and stressed and it will show up in the body. That sore hip, tight jaw, those annoying headaches. Listen to your body as it is telling you so much, think now, where are you tight, what are you ignoring?

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