How to get a good nights sleep!


My friend kindly pointed out that her best tip for a good nights sleep is to not have children so I would like to say that the below is not applicable to parents of young children!!!!


  1. Don’t sleep with your phone…. You may laugh but people do! I actually charge mine outside of the room so that I am not tempted to take a cheeky look. Not only is the blue light bad but what you see may stress you out… an email…a message a facebook post. Just ditch it! It also means when you wake up you don’t get distracted and can start your day well.
  2. Its better to have a cool room and have a nice snuggly duvet cover than be too hot so ditch the high heating.
  3. Try and read for half an hour before bed.
  4. Go to bed when you are tired…sounds silly but don’t feel you have to go to bed if you are wide awake.
  5. Try and stick to a routine of waking up and going to bed.
  6. Avoid liquids a couple of hours before. No one wants to be getting up through the night for the toilet so avoid if possible,
  7. Avoid foods and drinks that keep you awake or are too rich. You know what they say about cheese!
  8. No caffeine after 6 - I actually have no caffeine after lunch if I can.
  9. If you have anything on your mind get it out! Write it down. In a journal or write a to do list – whatever make you feel better.
  • Never go to bed on an argument……
  1. If there are certain times of the month when you feel more awake than others check out the moon cycles! People are often more awake on a full moon and new moon. Its actually true! If you are wide awake at three sometimes its better to just get up, write what’s on your mind and I am actually going to contradict myself here on liquids as I usually have a herbal tea !
  • I always find if you have exercised through the day you have a better nights sleep too…… so get walking, running or whatever is your thing.
  • A little meditation can help before bed or if you had to the Calm app you could even have Matthew McConaughey read you a story for bed!


Sleep tight and sweet dreams

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