How to use Crystals

My Aunty bought me a Crystal book when I was younger, probably around the time I was studying beauty and reflexology at college. I have always had a fascination with their colour, benefits and pure beauty and feel that people can introduce them in to their lives, even if it is purely to enjoy their beauty if you don’t necessarily believe in their healing powers.

We are so used to treating Symptoms and Disease that we often forget to try and look at the cause of why we may be feeling pain or are suffering from illness. Sometimes we forget to listen to what our bodies might be telling us all along  the way until its too late. Its practice like meditation, yoga and healing therapies such as Massage, Reiki, reflexology, Kinisielogy (to name a few) that help us connect back in to our bodies and listen.  That pain in the jaw; is it a symptom of stress? Is your posture bad when sitting at the computer? Those sleepless nights or back pain?

We are energetic beings that give and receive all around us. You will have heard people saying ‘that place or person had a bad energy’. People or places can make us feel alive and energetic or feel down and dark.  You will have heard energy referenced to as Qi or Prana and down the spine we have 7 great vortices called Chakras which relate to a different function in the body and when we help to balance our chakras we are working on mind body and spirit. In modern times each Chakra has a different colour and we use corresponding Crystals to work on each point.

Crystals can be found in all types of rocks where conditions are correct for their formation. ‘As superheated gases and liquids rise to the surface, they begin to cool in the cracks and crevices of the surrounding rock, crystalizing in to sparkling and coloured minerals.’– healing with crystals and chakra energies, Sue and Simon Lilly

Some people use Crystals as a way of  channeling energy from a healer and some simply place crystals and use the power and energy from them alone to help heal.


If you purchase Crystals you should make sure you cleanse them by placing in salt water and its even better to leave outside on a full moon. When choosing a Crystal you will find that there are shapes and colours that you are drawn to and this is usually no coincidence!

There are many Crystal charts online and in shops so you can see which colour works where and what their individual properties might be.


My advice is to choose what you love!


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