How to handle stress and anxiety

The demands of every day life can be overwhelming. Technology, work, children, trying to be everything! Trying to be fit, healthy, work hard, cook, food shop, clean, socialise and have fun, rest... whats that? Thoughts run though your head and you can get yourself in a spin. Waking up with dreaded anxiety, or maybe you can't sleep.

Everyone is different in what their stresses might be but the one thing that you can feel comforted about is that we are all feeling the same or have felt the same at some point. I think that sometimes we feel that if we admit that we are feeling stressed or anxious that we are somehow weak or that if we talk about it we may pull down the mood in a negative way with those that you are talking too. It is important for us all to realise that its ok to be feeling this way and to talk about it is really important and cathartic. 

How are you dealing with stress? Think about... and be honest.

I'll be honest, there are times, too many to count, that I turn to the wine bottle. I found, and find, its a way to switch off and I know I am not alone in this. A glass or two at night can quite easily turn in to more and thats where you find yourself in trouble.

As I get older I find that wine affects me more. The next day or couple of days I don't feel as switched on, sometimes I feel more anxious and I also see fluid in my legs and see that weight increases. This is why I now try my hardest to not drink at home and I only drink if I go out with friends or have a special meal out. And no I don't go out every night now lol :) When you look at government guidelines you should only have about 6 x 175ml glasses of wine in a week. How many do you think you might have on a night out?

I had a good chat with my friend Susan about wine and stress and what you can do to help yourself! Susan is a consultant in the beauty industry, judge at the professional beauty awards, author and owner of the Beauty Directors Club.


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