About Subtle Energies

This month I have fully absorbed myself in to Subtle Energies, enriching my daily existence with Self Spa Rituals or in Ayurveda terms, dedication to my 'Dinacharya', my daily regime. I first met the Irani family who founded, own and operate Subtle Energies back in 2012 at the ASpa conference in Manly. From the moment I met the family you could tell that this product would be special.

The incredible knowledge, passion, dedication, honesty and perfectionism that they breathe in to the brand can only mean that an exceptional product has been born. On a daily basis I have been using the Revive Hand and Body Wash in the shower followed by an application of the Rasayana Blend to my body which helps uplift my emotions for the day whilst helping to tone my skin and assist in lymph drainage.

At nighttime I switch to the Pitta (Calming) Blend to help me wind down for bedtime whilst cooling, calming and nourishing my skin. For my face I have been using the Gentle Neem Cleansing Gel, Gul Heena & Carrot Seed Toner, Facial Blend and Gul Heena & Carrot Seed Moisturizer.

This selection of the Subtle Energies skincare is designed to help cleanse and soothe my skin, which is a little stressed at the moment. The Facial blend is my absolute favorite in this part of my routine; the smell

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