Groundhog Day
I woke up yesterday and for a moment thought 'here we go again'..... I actually started laughing and instantly googled images of the film so I could post on instagram to see if anyone else was feeling the same.  There is one thing I am certain of, we are in this together and we are all living our own version of 'Groundhog Day' what ever that may look like to you.  There will be many variations, from those of you suddenly home schooling and trying to juggle that with working at home. The other extreme of maybe being a retiree who suddenly has no access to their grandkids or favourite past times which keep you entertained. 

Me? To be honest nothing much has changed on a day to day basis as I worked from home prior to this but then the connection and socialising on weekends was always so important to break up my week. Coffee with a friend, dinner with my husband, drinks with a group, now I realise how important those interactions are. As someone who is generally quite optimistic about life I tend to try and look at the silver linings in everything, apologies to those who hate Mrs Motivator! What do I see now? Well, I no longer feel this pressure of having to be up at the crack of dawn, apparently that's what successful people do. You wake up at 5 am, read 365 books a year, eat like an angel and exercise like a demon.

As I now surrender to the now I actually don't feel ecstactly happy or anxious. I actually feel very content and just AM. I wake up and do what I feel. I've realised how thinly I spread myself trying to accomplish a multitude of 'Things'. Now I do what brings me joy.

So, I ask and encourage you to surrender to the now. It is what it is.... what joy do you see, how do you want your life to be after this? What do you feel grateful for? I do recognise this may be hard if you have work to do and have a child in each hand but if you can take that moment when they have gone to bed to BE and not dwell on how 'hard' it is but how this won't last forever. Also think about how the world has been having a holiday from our planes trains and automobiles and is healing too.

With my wellness hat on, I encourage you to listen to your body and what it is telling you. Healthy body = healthy mind. Now, I know we all want to eat some comfort food and have a drink to unwind, I'm not a robot. I am just asking you to recognise when maybe you have had a little too much comfort? You might feel more anxious, skin may break out, tummy might feel sore...... recognise these symptoms before they grow in to something more. Love yourself and take care

Well wishes

Katie xxx

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