Feeling stuck or frustrated?

What a strange time we are living in right now. I don’t know about you, but I have found that it’s been a real time for reflection and thinking about how I want to live my life moving forward. It’s a time for you to take stock, feel grateful for certain things in your life and maybe realise there are certain tasks or ‘things’ that you have been doing that really weren’t serving you and gifting you joy. Do you feel like you have been running on autopilot and even having a sense of Groundhog Day, a general feeling that you are maybe not living to your full potential? Have you felt overwhelmed with the choices available to you and tired with the amount of decisions you need to make? The fact that you can do and be anything you want these days can send us in to a Paradox of Choice where we end up doing nothing. It’s ok, you are not alone in this.

I have been here before……..

I spent about 5 years stuck in a rut, feeling like I wasn't reaching my full potential in life. Trying to change habits to be healthier but then falling back into old routines. 

I had ideas for a business but never started anything properly, talking myself out of it and just feeling plain scared and even blaming others for it. Procrastinating and making myself busier and burning out with unnecessary jobs and tasks. 

There were fears to overcome. Fears stemming from being in 25k of debt when I was 25. Fears of failing or letting people down like my husband for a start. 

I cared too much about what people thought of me and thought if I failed it would look really bad. I increasingly became more frustrated at myself, stress creeping in at one point with incredible pain that we thought was Trigeminal Neuralgia. 

I wasn't happy with myself and needed to move forward.


I started reading more books, seeking advice from personal trainers, dieticians, kinesiologist’s, friends, mentors and colleagues. I took courses, retrained myself, self-coached. This development took place over a number of years but the real transformation only happened when I made some key decisions and stopped being scared and then it fall in to place….and it led me to ask the question ‘why did I not do this earlier’? I now feel FREE, excited to get out of bed. I am inspired and proud of myself and what I am doing. I am no longer frustrated at myself or others and for the first time feel like ME not a version of ME that I think people want me to be.


Being in the wellness industry for 20 years and having experience as a teacher, trainer and coach has allowed me to gather lot’s of information and turn it in to an amazing journey to transform your life. I just wish this journey was available to me then which is why I have created it for you now.


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