How to use candles safely


I love candles – the cosy ‘Hygge” they bring to your home and of course the aromas.

People do talk about good and bad candles though.

  1. Avoid Paraffin this is derived from petroleum and is cheap and can release harmful chemicals. It is also generated from fossil fuels, which is not good for the planet.
  2. You also have to be careful using pure essential oils in a candle and at what quantity as it’s not good to burn the oils. Heating oilscan actually denature many of the most important chemicals and compounds, so you are essentially just diffusing the oils for scent when used in a candle.
  3. Some manufacturers extract the fragrance from the oil and use them instead.  What you don’t want is a manufactured fragrance as that could contain a lot of chemicals too!
  4. Soy is a good choice of wax and there are lots of new vegetable waxes and even better is a beeswax candle.
  5. Lead in candle wicks used to a problem but they are banned in some countries and I don’t think you will find them in candles these days. 

There are other options like diffusing. You can buy some beautiful diffusers these days that have the candle glow. Inhaling essential oils in this way have many benefits for the body and mind and these will depend on the essential oil or blend. This a great way of having the glow, scent and healing benefits.


The key is to know what you are buying and also what benefit you want from your candles!

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