How to look after your boobs

I mentioned the below in an instagram post back in January but the issue is so important I wanted to make sure it was on my website. I’m talking BOOB WELLNESS.  


First of all, check your boobs for any abnormalities. For more information about this you can head to this website


Secondly, so many ladies don’t know their bra size, have never been measured, wear ill fitting bras that can cause back pain and of course the dreaded sagging boobs. 

My top tips for bras:

  1. Bras should be hand washed and air-dried. Worst-case scenario is a cold wash in the machine in a protective net bag but should be avoided.
  2. Don’t use fabric conditioner, as this is not good for the elastic.
  3. Depending on how many bras you have and how often you rotate them will depend on their life span. If you only own a few, or have your favourites and wear them regularly then they only last around 6 months, especially if you have larger boobs. Think of the hard work that the elastic has to do! They can last a lot longer if you take good care and rotate more often.
  4. Get measured! People can be wearing a 36 b when they are a 32 D
  5. The front part of the bra should sit flat against the chest without gaping.
  6. The straps should not fall of the shoulders.
  7. The straps should not leave red marks on the shoulders.
  8. If standing to the side the bra should straight around the body, if the back is riding up…. it does not fit!
  9. When wearing a t-shirt you shouldn’t see boobs falling out of the top of the bra or the dreaded four boobs
  10. If you do have larger boobs it is worth investing in a good bra and taking care of it, as it will help you in the long term. Better to buy a really well made sturdy bra than three not so good. If you are in the DD+ place, make sure you also look for swimwear that is cup sized.

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