Are you ignoring the signs?


I don’t know about you but I often find myself asking for a sign….. asking for some divine guidance. Looking for a white feather, the numbers 4.44 or 11.11 or one that pops up for me a lot is 9.11. Of course, if you are not one to look for signs then you won’t have a scooby doo about what I am on about with these numbers!


I have found recently that sometimes we can be looking too hard, or maybe thinking too much and missing the signs all around us. To refer back to my book, maybe that Monkey on your Mind has well and truly taken your brain hostage. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us at times and sometimes we just need to learn to recognise it, observe it and then tell it to well and truly F*** off.


I have recently given up a few things in my life so that I can focus on this, my passion, Katies Beauty Kitchen, and with this change has brought much excitement, a lot of doubt and I have found myself going hard but then too hard and it has been a strange mix of emotions and a learning curve. I have only been back from our holidays for about a month and I already feel like it’s been a year!


I am currently creating my online course to go with my book and with this decided to endeavour on a 7 week challenge for myself which includes a strict fitness and diet regime with my PT as I felt like I need to kick start my year and give myself a boost. I am looking to break a few habits, create a few new and most importantly be focused so that I can grow my business as much as possible. With this I am also doing an online course with Denise Duffield Thomas and clearing money blocks. I might as well be doing a double detox!


The sign came….twice.


I reversed our nice shiny newish car in to a wall….. the car that my husband warned me about ‘don’t crash this one’…he may as well have said ‘can you please crash this car?”. I waited to tell him, when is the right time? He was of course fine, and as per usual calm, but it was me that was upset and wailing like a banshee as I was so disappointed in myself. When I really looked into it I could see why I was so disappointed. Over the years, since being 17 and of driving age, I have probably bumped every single car, not always my fault I’d like to add, but when I reflected, it was always when I was rushing or upset or stressed about something. Always pushing myself to the max. On this recent occasion I actually said to myself ‘do you really need to go out now to the shops? You haven’t stopped, you need to eat and it's really hot’ and instead of being kind I continued to push and…… bang. The morning after this revelation, that I always rush and seem to like operating in flight mode, I was still a little emotional and, in my head (bad monkey), and decided to fall down the stairs!! Bang. Big bruise.






Are you ignoring any signs around you? Are you being kind to yourself? I just ordered our food to be delivered in an eco-friendly way and saved myself a rush. If you are like me, stop putting so much pressure on yourself, there is no rush, be in the NOW.


Much love



Photo byMona Eendra onUnsplash



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