Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

As a trained therapist it can be very hard to relax during a treatment, I'm sure others in my predicament would agree. You lie there counting how many times the therapist performs the same movement up your leg, try to memorise a movement that you've never felt before and sometimes, rarely, you actually do succumb to the music and nod off. Luckily I found a little gem near where I live where I drift off and walk out on cloud 9 with a wonderful night’s sleep ahead of me.

Admittedly, I do have to look past a few imperfections like the fact that I have never completed a consultation form (the therapist is blissfully unaware as her fingers flicker across my painful throbbing varicose veins). I also have no idea what they are massaging me it $2 sunflower oil from a local shop or I am I lucky enough to have 24carat gold oil from Dubai? Whatever it is it always feels great at the end when they wipe away any excess traces of oil with hot wet towels. Is this classed as a bed bath?

I love their massage. Every time I go it is the same Thai technique that they execute with precision, all trained to perfection. The decor is very Balinese and I am always greeted with a warm tea to send me off on my journey of relaxation.

Why oh why did I have to go and spoil this little island of solace by trying something new? Something that I used to teach week after week, day after day........

Hot Stones. There are some simple rules you should know as a therapist and as client

1. Keep the stone moving

2. Apply pressure to the stone as you move it so the heat penetrates to the belly of your muscle rather than the surface of the skin which could lead to superficial burns.

3. If you have placement stones that stay in one place you should never place in direct contact with the skin and leave it there as it will burn

4. Avoid bony areas

5. Ask the client how it feels!!

Why is it that you lose your voice in a treatment? A therapist asks if the pressure is ok and we always say yes.....I know because I used to ask and no one ever said 'no, it’s not right, can you please be firmer?' I hear people talk of bruises and fear of massage as someone went too hard on them. Why don’t we speak up? We are paying enough for our treatment. Maybe it is the fact that we are pretty much naked and we feel self-conscious. I do apologise to those of you who do speak up, but we are not all as brave as you.

My therapist broke rules 1 to 5 in one swoop. I was lying on my back at the time and she placed the stone just above my knee directly on my skin. At first I thought 'ok, the heat will dissipate in a second........ok, it hasn't....ow.....what do I do? I'll twitch!' so I proceeded to twitch a little thinking she may spot my uncomfortable body language. No.

That didn’t work.

I had to speak - 'that feels a little hot....' The therapist removed the stone and then seemed to put it right back in a minute. Am I being silly? Just deal with it. It’s not that hot. So I did. I dealt with it. She scraped over my bony ankles, bashing the stones together as she went. Oh when will the torture end!!!!

It took six hours for the red mark to eventually start to die down. I actually thought I had a law suit on my hand (or leg); burns that I could take photos of and take to court.

Of course I would have won.

I never filled in a consultation form at the beginning.

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