Your DISC behaviour type in a Pandemic

by Katie Lowndes | 30 July, 2020 |

When in life changing moments or times of stress our dominant behaviour type (ingredient) can be heightened.⠀

Feeling stuck or frustrated?

by Katie Lowndes | 02 June, 2020 |

What a strange time we are living in right now. I don’t know about you, but I have found that it’s been a real time for reflection and thinking about how I want to live my life moving forward. It’s a time for you to take stock, feel grateful for certain things in your life and maybe realise there are certain tasks or ‘things’ that you have been doing that really weren’t serving you and gifting you joy.

Changing Habits

by Katie Lowndes | 05 May, 2020 |

I’ll be the first to throw my hands up and say how hard it is to change habits! I think we have all been there when we make a New Year’s Resolution or suddenly decide we want to lose 10kg, give up smoking or maybe you want to run a marathon. 

Whatever the end vision is for you, it can be a little daunting. 

Groundhog Day

by Katie Lowndes | 30 April, 2020 |

I woke up yesterday and for a moment thought 'here we go again'..... I actually started laughing and instantly googled images of the film so I could post on instagram to see if anyone else was feeling the same.  There is one thing I am certain of, we are in this together and we are all living our own version of 'Groundhog Day' what ever that may look like to you.  There will be many variations, from those of you suddenly home schooling and trying to juggle that with working at home. The...

Working at home TIPS

by Katie Lowndes | 20 March, 2020 |

I am fully aware that some of you are now working from home which is new to you - also new to you is the fact that you may be working at home with your partner too!! (and kids)

As someone who has worked from home since 2011 with my husband, I reckon I know a thing or too so wanted to share some tips.

Are you ignoring the signs?

by Katie Lowndes | 11 February, 2020 |

I don’t know about you but I often find myself asking for a sign….. asking for some divine guidance. Looking for a white feather, the numbers 4.44 or 11.11 or one that pops up for me a lot is 9.11. Of course, if you are not one to look for signs then you won’t have a scooby doo about what I am on about with these numbers!

Which Candle Wax is safe?

by Katie Lowndes | 11 May, 2019 |

I love candles – the cosy ‘Hygge” they bring to your home and of course the aromas.

People do talk about good and bad candles though.

How to get a good nights sleep

by Katie Lowndes | 10 May, 2019 |

Top tips to a great nights sleep! My friend kindly pointed out that her best tip for a good nights sleep is to not have children so I would like to say that the below is not applicable to parents of young children!!!!

How to get the most out of writing daily

by Katie Lowndes | 30 April, 2019 |

Being grateful for what you have makes you stop and smell the roses and will fill you with a warm glow. We sometimes forget to do this and focus on what’s going wrong, what you have to do that day, that week that month…that year.

How to use Crystals

by Katie Lowndes | 25 April, 2019 |

My Aunty bought me a Crystal book when I was younger, probably around the time I was studying beauty and reflexology at college. I have always had a fascination with their colour, benefits and pure beauty and feel that people can introduce them in to their lives

Benefits of walking

by Katie Lowndes | 03 December, 2018 |

How to look after your boobs

by Katie Lowndes | 30 November, 2018 |

How to handle stress and anxiety

by Katie Lowndes | 03 November, 2018 |

Benefits of Massage

by Katie Lowndes | 21 September, 2018 |

I first started training in massage when I was 16. I decided to drop my science A-Level (I was only studying it for the human biology side) and take up a massage diploma at the local college. I fell in love with it…. completely. 

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

by Katie Lowndes | 05 June, 2018 |

As a trained therapist it can be very hard to relax during a treatment, I'm sure others in my predicament would agree. You lie there counting how many times the therapist performs the same movement up your leg, try to memorise a movement that you've never felt before and sometimes, rarely, you actually do succumb to the music and nod off. Luckily I found a little gem near where I live where I drift off and walk out on cloud 9 with a wonderful night’s sleep ahead of me.

About Subtle Energies

by Katie Lowndes | 30 September, 2015 |

This month I have fully absorbed myself in to Subtle Energies, enriching my daily existence with Self Spa Rituals or in Ayurveda terms, dedication to my 'Dinacharya', my daily regime. I first met the Irani family who founded, own and operate Subtle Energies back in 2012 at the ASpa conference in Manly. From the moment I met the family you could tell that this product would be special.