The ultimate Bacon & Egg sarnie

OK, so this is a little naughty but I have always loved the humble and comforting Bacon and Egg buttie so I wanted to share my version.  I don't eat them as much as I used to but when I do, I savour every mouthful!

Now, I know you all have your own version and may want to add different ingredients but give this base a go first and then add as you like.


Bacon - I go for bacon that contains no nitrates and is literally just pork and salt. NO preservatives

Egg - Organic

Butter - A beautiful Organic butter

Roll - Go for something soft and maybe topped with sesame seeds if its your thing


The key is in the bun!

1. Start by cutting the bun in half and buttering. I then pan fry the inside of the bun so it is golden but has that gorgeous buttery flavour. Place on the plate ready for the bacon and egg.

2. Fry the Bacon, I removed any thick rind but of course leave a little fat to get nice and crispy. Once ready drain off excess fat on kitchen roll.

3. Fry the egg. I do flip for a second on the yolk side. Not long enough to cook the yolk but enough to cook excess white and gently cook a little of the outside of the yolk. You want enough yolk to spread out but then not enough so that it's dripping everywhere. I drain the egg of any oil on kitchen roll too. Another thing is to not have the oil too hot and I gently soon the oil over the egg as it fries, tilting the pan to the side to pool the oil. This way you don't risk burning the egg white and having a really crispy egg. 

4. Assemble bacon and then egg in the bun. I spread the yolk wiping excess off the knife on to the bun. Salt and pepper and serve!!


If feeling a little crazy I sometimes add tomato relish, cheddar lettuce and tomato but sometimes I just love the simplicity of just bacon and egg.