Pumpkin, Pea & Mint Risotto

by Katie Lowndes | 07 October, 2020 |

Broccoli & Cauliflower soup recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 25 April, 2019 |

Quick, tasty, healthy lunch idea. You can make a big batch for the week :) A few different serving suggestions to mix it up a little.

Sardine Spaghetti Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 17 January, 2019 |

So quick and packed with flavour, only using a few pantry staples too!

Summer Rice Salad

by Katie Lowndes | 09 January, 2019 |

I had no idea what to call this! I just kind of grabbed what I could find and came up with this tasty dinner.

Spanish Tortilla Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 20 November, 2018 |

Sardine Crostini Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 10 November, 2018 |

Pasta Paella Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 07 November, 2018 |

Healthy Fish & Chips

by Katie Lowndes | 31 October, 2018 |

If you ever have the craving for some battered fish and chips this is a tasty home made alternative!!

Vegetable Pad Thai Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 16 October, 2018 |

I love Pad Thai and sometimes I really crave it but miss the vegetables so I had a go with some extra veggies and it was a big success!!! Only thing I don't like is the sugar in the sauce but will try without next time.

Healthy souvlaki recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 12 October, 2018 |

My husband found this recipe somewhere online!! I made a few little tweaks and have to say its a winner! Taste of lamb, fresh herbs and crunchy potatoes

Red Snapper and Salsa recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 04 October, 2018 |

Melanzane Parmigiana Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 24 September, 2018 |

This recipe is fantastic if you are craving that lasagna taste but not the pasta calories!!!

Tuna Savoury

by Katie Lowndes | 18 September, 2018 |

What's for breakfast? What's for lunch? What's for dinner?...... you think you have it sorted but then it gets BORING!!!! I'm bringing back some old school favourites!! This one is courtesy of Grandma Rita... Tuna Savoury.

Chicken in Orange and Tarragon Sauce

by Katie Lowndes | 18 September, 2018 |

This is such a fresh, tasty, quick and easy recipe. Best served with some green veg and some brown rice or grains.

Adam Liaw's Roast Lamb shoulder shawarma

by Katie Lowndes | 13 September, 2018 |

Even for someone who enjoys cooking and creating I still find me and my husband asking the question 'what do you fancy for dinner?' and that's even when I have a monthly planner! 

Rainbow Salad

by Katie Lowndes | 13 September, 2018 |

Healthy Salad Lunch Option

Ham and Lentil Soup

by Katie Lowndes | 03 September, 2018 |

I call it Grandmas soup but I think Grandad actually did the preparation and she just stirred and took the credit lol. This winter warming soup is healthy, full of flavour and cosy memories.

Spicy Spelt Pasta with Lemon and Basil

by Katie Lowndes | 26 April, 2018 |

This Lemon and Basil pasta is light, fresh, easy and full of flavour

Lentil Curry Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 01 February, 2018 |

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 10 January, 2018 |

Craving a sherds pie? This is a little healthier than the standard....and so tasty too!!!

Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe

by Katie Lowndes | 14 December, 2017 |

A meat free stroganoff full of veggies

Potato and Leek Soup

by Katie Lowndes | 02 July, 2014 |

A cosy heart warming soup for those autumn and winter months!