Sardine Crostini Recipe

So I spotted these beautiful fresh Sardine fillets at the Sustainable Fish Shoppe in South Melbourne Market and thought I couldn't let them go to waste :)

So here is a beautiful starter, lunch or snack idea!!!


6 Fresh Sardine fillets

Multigrain loaf





Olive Oil


 1. Finely chop one of the Garlic cloves, Parsley and  Chilli and place in a bowl, poor over oil to loosen up the dressing to your chosen consistency. 

2. In a hot griddle pan fry the sardines, they don't need much time at all so turn within the minute and then you can sprinkle with a little salt at the end

3. Meanwhile toast desired quantity of bread

4. Drizzle bread with a little oil and rub the second clove of garlic over the toast for some more flavour 

5. Place fillets on top

6. Dress with dressing and serve!