Roasted fennel with cous cous bowl


This tasty dish started with a bulb of fennel and an itch to do something interesting with it.  I would say this is probably a little Greek inspired and it is packed with flavour.


Roasted veg

Fennel bulb, quartered

2 mini squash, quartered

1 x red pepper, sliced

1 x yellow pepper, sliced

Drizzled in Garlic Oil


1/2 Red onion finely sliced

1 x cup wholemeal cous cous cooked to packet instructions

Jalepenos sliced (quantity depending on how hot you like it)

Green olives

8 sliced cherry tomatoes

100 grams fetta chopped

1 x tbsp oregano


1 x small Lebanese cucumber grated with juice squeezed out (squeeze in a glass and drink so you don't waste it!)

1/2 lemon - juice squeezed in. 

Salt and pepper

1 x garlic clove crushed

1/2 cup yoghurt



1. Start by prepping the roast veg and then placed in pre heated oven at 200 degrees. Takes about 40 mins. I turned twice so that the veg gets colour all over. 

2. Whilst the veg is roasting prep everything else and you can mix in a large bowl. Tzatsiki prepped in a separate small bowl and mixed together. Save the olives, tzsatsiki and jalapenos for the end to dress the top of the bowl.

3. Mix through roasted veg with cous cous and free ingredients and then top with Jalapenos, olives and tzatsiki.