Lentil Curry Recipe

This Curried Lentils Recipe with feta and parsley is a go to tasty favourite at home.

Ingredients - quantity varies depending on how many you cook for. I cook for two (one person  eating a lot more than the other) so this would probably feed three.

1 x Tin lentils

1 X Bunch tender stem broccoli

1 x Bunch Asparagus

1 x Red Pepper (Capsicum) diced

1 x Small bunch Fresh Parsley chopped

1 X Courgette (Zucchini) diced

1 x Carrot diced

1 x Red onion diced

1x Cup Mushrooms diced

2 x Clove Garlic diced

1 x Tablespoon of White Wine Vinegar (or use a good splash of white wine if you have it)

1 x Tablespoon Curry Powder

2 x Tablespoons of Sultanas


1/3 Cup Creme Fraiche (OPTIONAL)

1 x Tablespoon Olive Oil


1. Make sure everything is diced and easy to access. You can Start steaming or gently boil the Broccoli and Asparagus for a few mins.

2. Start by cooking off the mushrooms and onion with the oil in a large fry pan.

3. After about 2 minutes add the other diced veg and garlic. You don't want it to be too soft as its nice to have some texture. Cook for about two mins.

4. Add the curry powder and WWVinegar (maybe a little splash of water too. You want there to be a little bit of liquid so that you have a nice sauce. But not runny!)

5. Stir and add the lentils

6. Stir through the optional Creme Fraiche and Sultanas

7. Once heated through and simmering serve with chopped Parsley on top and Crumbled Feta. Broccoli & Asparagus on the side.


I served on rice and added Chilli in to the mix

You can also serve with Sweet Potato Mash. To add some excitement to the mash stir in some freshly chopped Coriander and Sweet Chilli Sauce .