Healthy Fish & Chips

If you ever have the craving for some battered fish and chips this is a tasty home made alternative!!

Rye Sourdough and Parsley Crumb

2 x slices Rye Sourdough

1/4 bunch Parsley




1 x egg

2 x snapper fillets


2 x small sweet potato

Cajun spices



1. Oven on at 200. Heat the roasting dish with a little olive oil in the bottom.

2. Wash and slice potatoes in to chips. (no need to peel)

3. Take out heated tray and place chips in to dish and sprinkle with Cajun Spices. Put back in oven and turn the chips in 20 minutes. Probably need a further ten minutes after that depending on the size of your chips!

4. Blitz dried bread in processor (I leave the two slices out on the kitchen bench for a couple of hours to dry out) with parsley salt & pepper. I like my crumb a little chunky for texture.

5. Oil bottom of oven dish and place fillet of fish skin side down in pan. We only crumb the top of the fish.

6. Lightly flour fish.

7. Brush with whisked egg.

8. Finish with crumb on top.

9. Once chips are done, take out of oven to rest (or you can place in the bottom of the oven to keep warm but be careful not to burn them ) and then place fish in oven. I use the fan grill setting to get some colour on the crumbs. They should only take about 12 minutes.

10. Prepare salad whilst fish is cooking.

11. Serve!!!