Waste Not

Going Green!

Its all ‘well’ taking care of our personal ‘wellness’ but over the last few years I am acutely aware that we need to be taking care of our planet. Before you know it there won’t be the food, oxygen and water that keeps us well and quite simply put……alive.

There seems to be a lot more awareness around it, I just hope its not a case of too little too late.  A friend of mine known as ‘The Rogue Ginger’ is on a quest to reduce waste and inspired by her I am trying to change how I live day to day. 

I became aware of what an idiot I was being after a New Years Party we hosted out our house back in 2014. Trying to save on washing up and tidying I had plastic cups everywhere and straws and plastic cutlery ….. I was an advert of how not to host a party in a clean way.  Everyone at the party had to bring their own cocktail. The RG and her husband  made these amazing drinks and they were so clever! They had carved out kiwi fruits and strawberries and used the fruit as the carrier of these amazing jelly’s! I only started to learn about her passion at this time and felt like such a bad person.

Fast -forward 4 years and it was all paper plates and everything had to be recyclable.

How can you help? My top four starting points were the following

  1. Re usable coffee cup if you are a takeaway coffee drinker.
  2. Use beeswax wraps for leftover foods in the fridge and glass dishes rather than buying plastics.
  3. Use reusable carrier bags for shopping.
  4. No straws in drinks. 

I am NO expert and have not even scratched the surface but if you really want to know more I recommend learning from the RG herself Erin Rhoads in her new book ‘Waste Not’.