Eat That Frog - Book Review

‘Get more of the important things done today’ Brian Tracy

There are times when your brain is overrun with ideas, lists and ‘things to do’. You also have this twice, once for your work life and then your personal life!! How overwhelming can that be? I have always been a list writer and receive immense satisfaction from highlighting a list item once complete.
This book is an easy, logical read that puts your lists in to perspective and trains you in to doing the most important tasks first or ‘eating the ugliest biggest frog first’. The jobs that make the biggest impact rather than the job you might like doing more or find easier to do. I love the ‘Pareto Principle’, the 80/20 rule where 20% of your activities contribute to 80% of your results. Meaning a lot of what we do can be a waste of time, we need to choose what we do as a priority wisely.  EAT THAT FROG is a very practical and efficient guide that I recommend you to read.