Waste Not

by Katie Lowndes | 04 October, 2018 |

Going Green! Its all ‘well’ taking care of our personal ‘wellness’ but over the last few years I am acutely aware that we need to be taking care of our planet. Before you know it there won’t be the food, oxygen and water that keeps us well and quite simply put……alive.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin- Book Review

by Katie Lowndes | 01 March, 2018 |

Now, I didn't buy 'the HAPPINESS project' as I was unhappy. Dangerously, I live very close to kikki k and often frequent there even when I don't need anything! The result being that I have a large array of pens, post it notes, funny paper clips, very  organised files, all white with flourishes and pops of colour. It was on one of these fine shopping trips that I found the HAPPINESS project staring at me from the shelf.

Eat That Frog - Book Review

by Katie Lowndes | 10 October, 2017 |

‘Get more of the important things done today’ Brian Tracy