The Spiritual Facialist 

I first met Juanita when she worked as a trainer with ELEMIS. I was always blown away by her energy and couldn’t believe anyone could have so much!!! She was an exceptional trainer so I couldn’t wait to receive a treatment as I knew that her passion would mean an outstanding experience. I was not disappointed.


Even though Juanita has a lot of energy, in the treatment room she immediately calms you and the space felt so quiet, relaxing and welcoming. The treatment was called LOVE and you felt the LOVE that came right through Juanita. I felt completely cocooned, which I needed after a tough week and a clumsy fall down the stairs!

Before we even started, I had to write down an affirmation for the day, something I wanted, and even thought this was for my eyes only she definitely picked up on it.


The treatment itself encompassed a bit of everything which I….. well, LOVED!  A back of body massage and Reiki treatment completed with a facial and front of body Reiki treatment. I even had a foot and scalp massage and a message at the end which was really an answer to my affirmation, ‘give myself permission’.


Some people still get scared by the word spiritual, and in the words of Juanita, even if you think it’s a bit ‘woo woo’, it doesn’t matter at all because this is an outstanding treatment for anyone and Juanita still has her feet firmly on the ground. For anyone who is spiritual, like me, then this is a beautiful way to encompass everything in to one treatment. Oh and I forgot to mention….my skin was GLOWING.

Juanita is based in Port Melbourne and I have some vouchers for your first treatment! Inbox if you are interested and I will send you a link.

Much love

visit or @thespiritualfacialist