Rationale Review

I adore Rationale for its simplicity (in packaging and use) and incredible results. Having used and trialled so many brands I was ecstatic to see such a fast response from my skin and receive the compliments that followed.  Its very hard for me to step away from ELEMIS as I have so much history and knowledge invested in the brand...... but Rationale is one of the very few brands that I would use and recommend as well as ELEMIS.

After growing up battling skin problems, Dr Richard Parker studied Cosmetic Chemistry and created Rationale.

'Above all else and all others, Rationale Skin Care is an evidence-based, research driven company. To remain at the forefront of skincare innovation, my R+D Lab Team continually study new ingredients, technologies and delivery systems, pushing the boundaries of scientific excogitation to perpetually set new benchmarks in efficacy and cosmetic elegance. 

Following two years of groundbreaking research and development, we unveiled the future of skincare – ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS. Rationale has pioneered this new Isotropic Technology, developing entirely new and original formulations that are 100% synchronised with the skin. Efficacy and elegance on an unprecedented scale. A new industry benchmark set.' Dr Richard Parker.

I find Rationale easy to use and for those not in the industry it is very simple to follow as a program. No matter your age or skin type, follow the Essential Six plan.