How to reduce Cellulite

I saw my first bit of cellulite at age 18, there was a photo of me and my friends dressed up for the Rocky Horror Show – the only horror was my legs!

We all suffer from a little and that's ok, its natural, but you can certainly aggravate it and make it worse! As someone who has poor circulation in the legs I suffer from it more than most so here are my top tips on reducing the appearance.

1.     Dry body brush daily before you shower, brushing towards the heart

2.     Start your day with a glass of room temperature water with fresh lemon juice 

3.     After your shower apply a cleansing body oil that will nourish the skin and aid in cleansing the body. I LOVE Elemis Cellutox oil as it contains lemon, Juniper and Sea Buckthorn

4.     Limit or reduce your caffeine intake

5.     Reduce your alcohol intake . My thighs definitely look worse

after drinking too much alcohol. Women shouldn’t drink more than 14 units a week

6.     Avoid food with additives like flavours, colours and preservatives

7.     1-2 x per week exfoliate . Circulation is often sluggish in the legs and your skin doesn’t always obtain the nutrients it needs. With cellulite your skin can feel cold to the touch, bruise easily and look dry. We need to feed the skin from inside and out. I love Elemis lime and ginger salt glow as it cleanses the skin and leaves a moisturizing layer of jojoba oil.

8.     Try and eat a healthy balanced diet with lot’s of grains, citrus fruits, vegetables and nuts

9.     I’m trying to do a variety of exercises, and what you do can really depend on your likes and dislikes. I like doing classes so I do a variety of them and also swim once a week.


Remember, we all have it (well 99.9% of us), just understand what can aggravate it if it something that concerns you. 

Best Wishes


Katie x