Crystal Roller Facial
So if you don't know that I am a massive fan of ELEMIS then you will now! I have actually worked with this Award Winning British Skincare brand in one way or another for about 17 years. I love the passion of the Founders who still work in the brand to this day and have always had a love for the philosophy and of course the products speak for themselves. Transforming textures, Exquisite Aroma's, Advanced Technology all wrapped in to one. What's not to love?
This year I have fallen in love even more as they have put two of my favourite things together which is Food and Beauty and created the Superfood Range. A Vegan friendly range which supports the Microbiome of the skin and leaves you with a fresh, vibrant, healthy glow. Not only that but they have appealed to my Wellness side in creating the Peptide Range! A range to support your skins Natural Circadian Rhythms to leave you looking well rested ....... I haven't finished......
The Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm has always been a favourite globally and they have outdone themselves by launching the Rose Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm with 14 types of Rose included and now expanding to launch the Rose Hydrating Mist. 
The problem I have is that I want to use it all..... the beauty of ELEMIS is that you kinda can. I'm thinking that I need the antioxidant protection and omega rich nourishment of the Superfood, I need the well rested glow of the Peptide range and as I am not 21 anymore I really need the anti ageing benefits of the Pro Collagen range.
It just so happens I also have three beautiful Crystal Rollers that match these three ranges in colour and have some beautiful benefits to boot too!!! These beautiful rollers have their own individual benefits but in general the rollers massage the skin and increase circulation therefore feeding the skin. Like to really massage around the jaw as that is where we can old a lot of attention. You can use the small roller end around the eyes. Rose for calming and love, Amethyst for vision and following intuition and Jade for wealth and soothing.
My creative mind ticks and I now reveal my ultimate Energy facial using ELEMIS and Crystal rollers!
  1. Apply generous coin size amount of Pro Collagen Cleansing balm to the face and down the neck.
  2. Use the Rose Quartz roller starting at the base of the neck to roll up the right side of the face moving back and forth from centre of the face to hairline - repeat on the left.
  3. The balm will be turning to an oil and you can now add some water which  turns the balm to a milk. Massage and remove with warm cloth.
  4. Apply small coin size amount of the Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator and massage in to skin. It will feel slightly warm. Make sure you pay special attention to any areas of blockages, around the nose, chin for example.
  5. Remove with hot cloth.
  6. Dry skin
  7. Apply coin size amount of the Peptide Thousand Flower Mask to the face and let set for a few minutes.
  8. Take the Amethyst roller and repeat roller pattern as above across the face.
  9. Remove with warm wet cloth.
  10. Dry
  11. Spritz with Pro Collagen Rose Mist
  12. Apply a couple of drops of Superfood oil across face and neck
  13. Use Jade roller as above
  14. Finish with the Peptide day or night cream depending on time of day

Ta Da!! Healthy, glowing, hydrated skin. Oh and love, vision and wealth :) Why not have it all???