'7 Simple Steps to a Healthier Happier YOU'  launched in December 2019

The seven steps take us through areas in your everyday life where some simple changes can make all the difference to how you live and feel on a daily basis.  These changes take you back to some basics that you can easily incorporate without spending lots of money. The steps include Clean,  Monkey Mind, Food, Beauty, Wellness, Exercise and Vision. Katie provides tools and information and gently guides you through with humour so that you can achieve a more fulfilling life without going into a head spin.

This beautiful book is light, with cute illustrations and poems that bring it to life and make you feel understood and not alone.

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'After an exciting 17 year journey in the beauty industry, Katies Beauty Kitchen was created in 2017.  With a love and passion for beauty, food, travel and wellness I really wanted to share my experiences and knowledge so I hope you find some of my tips and ideas helpful. Its really about finding that balance in every day life whilst respecting the environment and our bodies. Creating healthy habits daily to make you feel good..... but still having some fun too!' Katie Lowndes  - Founder

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Katie Lowndes, from KBK!

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